Startdatum 15.06.2021

10th European Insolvency and Restructuring Congress 2021

15 & 16 June 2021 // ONLINE CONGRESS

While Germany focuses on the suspension of insolvency filing obligations in the wake of the pandemic and the introduction of the preventive restructuring framework under the StaRUG, our neighbours face similar issues. Meanwhile, Brussels is wasting no time to set course towards further harmonisation as part of the Capital Markets Union action plan. This year's EIRC will focus on whether and to what extent further harmonisation of national insolvency law is helpful. We will discuss these projects with the Commission officials and international experts closely involved, who will - for example - give us an understanding of the status of harmonisation of the claw-back rules. The 10th EIRC will once again be the event that not only highlights future developments in insolvency and restructuring law at an early stage, but will also afford opportunities for extensive debates with those involved in the reforms. Other panels will be dedicated to the current and daily practice of cross-border cases.

Current developments: Dynamic legal development in the EU between COVID-19 pandemic and restructuring framework.

  • Next reform projects: Harmonisation of insolvency law and the European Business Code; in this context, first presentation of the study for the harmonisation of, among others, the European claw-back provisions by Prof. Bork and Prof. Veder
  • Battered trade: Competition of European reorganisation instruments
  • Effective practice: Participation possibilities in foreign restructuring and insolvency proceedings
  • New Case Law: Guidelines of the ECJ in Insolvency law


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